Friday, August 13, 2010

I Just Can't Quit Pat Tillman

I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm still fighting the battle over the mendacity of the Bush Administration, especially as it relates to one of the most unjust and unnecessary wars this great country has ever fought. Or maybe it's because I'm an Army lawyer, and we didn't do the greatest work in the 15-6 investigations and deep down I wonder if I would have done any better if I had been in that position. Or maybe it's because I'm honorable and I value the truth for its own sake, and I respect what Pat Tillman sacrificed and it's unbelievable how his sacrifice was betrayed by his country. God I hope it's just that last one.

Regardless, there's an article in the Huffingpost. The upshot of the article is that there's a movie on Pat Tillman coming out. And for some publicity, the makers of the movie released two of of Pat Tillman Sr.'s letters to the Army. These letters are incredible. They got me all fired up about the handling of Tillman's death again. As Sr. lays out, it seems almost impossible that there was not an organized cover-up. This was one of the messages of Krakauer's book, although Krakauer placed the blame on the Bush Administration's desire to distract from Abu Ghraib in an election year. Man, I can't wait for that movie. Here's hoping that movie will allow more people to finally accept that the Bush Administration was one of the worst things to ever happen to this country. Maybe then we won't elect those who remind us of them to a position where they can do our country so much damage. (I'm talking about you Sarah Palin.)


Josh said...

Oh, fellow atty who shares my namesake, when will you analyze the mendacity of the current admin? It is a shame we cannot talk this one over in person, perhaps over tea, because I enjoy your sarcasm, but often when that sarcasm dissipates, assertions that I feel at least border on hyperbole arise, namely the criticisms of the former president and the carte blanche you tend to extend to the current. A fact-checking article published yesterday ( some light on health care, and it turns out the omnibus bill that was passed has not had the effect promised. IMO, Jimmy Carter still takes the cake as the 'furthest from the best' president, but it seems like someone else is desirous of giving Jimmy a run for his money. Surely it is disingenuous to hang all/ the majority of today's high unemployment and all-time high deficit on Bush, gone for going on 2 yrs, however imperfect he was? I'll save the war(s) talking point for later, perhaps. peace!

Sir Fantastic said...

Josh, that link didn't work for me. But yes, George Bush was a terrible terrible president who by all objective standards did horrible things to our country. Debtating if there were worse presidents doesn't sound like it's something that would be fun for either of us, since I doubt we'll see eye to eye (unless we're talking about James Buchannan or Herbert Hoover but God I hope we never get so dorky). So I think we should try lighter conversation. Maybe we should just send funny links with Zack Galifanakis. You ever watch between two ferns? It's good stuff.