Sunday, March 21, 2010

So You're Saying We're Going to Take a "Wait and See" Approach on the Revolution?

I've been following this health care debate closely. Pretty entertaining stuff. And I came across a pretty funny post at Redstate.

So with passage of this health care legislation looking imminent, this Redstate poster wants every one to know that now isn't the time for a revolution. He thinks it best to work within the system. How nice. He's so reasonable.

So we've gotten to the point where if you disagree with legislation passed by a majority in the house and 59 senators then you have to cajole other people on your side not to violently overthrow the government. Well, at least for the time being. I mean, now we're just talking about reducing future deficits by over a trillion dollars and making sure insurers can't disqualify you for preexisting conditions. But maybe if we had a non-profit insurance option that is funded entirely by private premiums but administered by the government, well then we'll get the blood running in the streets.

Anyways, while trying to post these comments at Redstate I noticed that they only accept opinions of people who agree with them. Which is also nice and reasonable of them. So unfortunately I won't get to challenge their view points directly. Instead I'm going to post some crazy Google search terms in the hopes that some of them will come across this post:

Obamacare, death panels, tyranny, Rush Limbaugh, revolution, kill this bill, Obama is the anti-Christ, I hate those I predefined as my enemy so even when they propose sensible legislation that doesn't drain the Treasury like the Medicare Prescription Drug Act that I supported I completely lose all sense of proportion and start talking about revolution in the name of the Founding Fathers even though their revolution set up the process that is being followed here, Sean Hannity has good hair, deem and pass.


Bruce said...

Good news, son. I've been promised a seat on the Orange County Death Panel. Payback is coming. By the way, how's YOUR health?

Josh said...

I hope you're doing well, Josh. I just read your blog for the first time in months, and I would be remiss not to point out that your "reducing future deficits by over a trillion dollars" comment does not reflect the reality of the omnibus healthcare bill that was passed. Contrarily, it will likely increase the deficit, but time will, of course, tell. Unrelatedly, the MacGruber movie has come and gone, and unfortunately, I missed seeing that cinematic masterpiece. Tchuss!

Sir Fantastic said...

I dunno man. CBO says it will. And if we can't trust the CBO then who can we trust?